Who are we?

Your hosts

Your hosts

We, Andrea and Emmanuel, are a German-French couple, become acquainted while travelling. When we have discovered the house in Villié-Morgon, we have been immediatly fascinated. That was the place to realise our dream of living together and build up our guest house project.

Andrea is from Bavaria and she acted many years as a social worker in the SPZ of the pediatric clinic in Erlangen. She has acquired the Montessori certificate and also one for Systemic Consulting. She likes nature and to explore other countries while travelling.

Emmanuel who big passion is volcanoes. Spread all over the world that giant mountains give opportunities of fantastic trips: nature, landscape, adventures, people, eruption, caving in lava tubes. After 20 years he has collected a large gallery of photo shots and also realised some movies about volcanoes.

Everywhere in the house you will find illustrations of volcanoes and deco-elements from Bavaria.

We have put down our suitcases and backpacks in Villié-Morgon and offer with Bavière and volcan a place for people which also like to travel.